Hannah Adams Ingram, PhD Candidate

Hannah Adams Ingram is a PhD Candidate at Iliff School of Theology and University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. Her dissertation in progress is titled, “The Myth of the Saving Power of Education: A Practical Theological Approach.” The bulk of this dissertation will be in demonstrating how the way of viewing or speaking of education as being a primary vehicle for social uplift has ideological roots in the American Dream narrative, and how historically and currently, these narratives and myths have systematically disadvantaged social groups based on class, race, and gender. Her constructive proposal argues that as long as education is considered to be primarily responsible for the curing of economic inequality, even while the educational system itself is not universally accessible and of equal value and opportunity for all, our society is relieved from identifying and dismantling larger structures of oppression.

Hannah’s coursework has focused on practical theology, pastoral care, education, and the social sciences. For more information, you can visit her LinkedIn profile here.


All of the opinions in this blog are from the heart and mind of Hannah and are not endorsed by any of the institutions or mentors with which she is connected.